Rock Pickers

3106 Rock-EZE

The 3106 Rock-EZE clears your field of rocks from 2" to 15" in diameter. The Rock-EZE combines rock picking and windrowing into one easy operation by clearing a 10 foot wide path in one sweep. 

Kivi-Pekka Rock Pickers

KIVI-PEKKA stone pickers are manufactured in three working widths 4m, 5m and 6 meters.

KIVI-PEKKA soil sieve reduces the amount of soil carried by the stones considerably. It leaves the soil where it belongs, in the field. The stones get cleaned and can be re-used as construction material or for roads. The KIVI-PEKKA is manufactured with care from durable steel components and comes with a one year warranty. All materials are made from quality Finnish steel.


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