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Hours of Operation:
​Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM​​


Phone: 320-278-3560​
Fax: 320-278-3561
Phone: 320-278-3560
Parts-After Hours
Corey Olson 320-760-7796
Service-After Hours
Ryan Rost 320-424-2471
Kent Glesne 320-894-9337
Bakko Bros., Inc. MN

19626 Co Rd 8

Glenwood, MN 56334

Why Bakko Bros.?

The Bakko brothers, Loren & Steve, are experienced in all aspects of the business. They have built this business from the ground up and work hard to ensure that every customer is a satisfied customer. They are involved in your service every step of the way and are accessible when you need them. Loren & Steve are hands-on owners and operators of Bakko Bros. Inc. and are proud to offer you a unique brand of service in this day and age. At Bakko Bros., Inc., your handshake and your word still serve as your bond in your personal dealings with Loren or Steve.

Bakko Bros., Inc. NE

46354 Highway 2

Litchfield, NE 68852

Our Services

At our location in rural Minnesota

we have many parts on hand and are fully staffed for all your service needs.​

We also have parts available at our second location in Litchfield, Nebraska.

Bakko Bros. is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 2002 by the Bakko brothers, Steve and Loren. It started with the brothers repairing trucks and machinery for people in a small shop that they built in 2000. In 2002 they got in contact with Haybuster & Duratech and extended their existing shop to have more space to work on machines and Haybusters. After a couple more years of continuous growth their business outgrew their first little shop and they built a new building in 2015 which is the building that they are currently in. Bakko Bros. expanded in 2020 by adding a second location in Litchfield, Nebraska to be able to get parts to their customers in a more timely matter. The Bakko Brothers strive to make every customer happy and give them the best quality and personalized service for all their grinder needs.

About Bakko Bros.


"My face has been hurting ever since I bought this grinder" 

When I asked him why? He responded by saying

"Because I can't stop smiling...I wish I had bought one a long time ago"

Mark, Montana

“A couple years ago I was running a competitor’s grinder and a Haybuster at the same time. One day after digging out the mill eight times on the competitor’s grinder I switched and brought the Haybuster over to that customer’s house and then I could not keep bales going through the Haybuster fast enough even with the tough hay.”


Tony, Kansas


Call us for all your truck and grinder needs!

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