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The Original Bakko Patented FORGED Hammer

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U.S. Patent #7,140,569

Information from an article by Troy Raines

What is the benefit of a forged hammer over a cast hammer? 

"The basics of why are pretty simple. When you melt metal to cast a hammer, the grain size is free to expand. When it cools back to a solid, the grain structure is courser and more random, decreasing its strength."(Troy Raines)  If you anneal and reheat the cast hammer, you are again changing the structure for an even weaker part.

 Second, when pouring melted metal into a mold to form a cast part, the chance of voids or air pockets increase. Not only will this cause a balance issue because of possible irregular hammer weight, but also increases the chance of “hammer shatter”, when the air pocket or void can no longer hold the hammer structure together.

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1 1/4" Heavy Duty


1 1-4 Heavy Duty

1 1/4" Standard


1 1-4 Standard

1 1/2" Standard


1.5 Standard.JPG

1 1/2" Heavy Duty


1.5 Heavy Duty

15/16" Standard


15-16 Standard

1/2" Wide

1" hole Mighty Giant Jones


1in mighty giant

1/2" Wide

1 1/4" hole Mighty Giant Jones


1 1-4 hammer mighty giant

Heavy Duty Flail for Haybuster Shredders


heavy duty flail
heavy duty flail 2

1 1/4" Forged Shock/Spacer


1 1-4 forged spacer
1 1-4 forged spacer 2
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