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Bale Processor 2660

S/N #2622-1895-60

This is a 2022 2660 in new condition

Located in Glenwood, MN


Bale Processor 2665

S/N #2621-0598-65

This is a 2021 2665 in new condition

Located in Litchfield, NE


Balebuster 2660

The model 2660 and 2665 two-bale processors are the most popular processors in the Haybuster line and perhaps the most popular bale processors models in the world. Carry one round bale in the chamber and the second bale on the loader and you are good to go. Whether it’s feeding your cattle or covering loose soil, this model will work for you. The model 2660 is the two bale processor that is in demand! This economical machine is perfect for feeding and bedding your cattle, with all the features that have put the Haybuster Balebusters far ahead of the competition. Some of those features include right hand discharge and the chain and slat conveyor table that rotates the bale while the heavyduty rotor and hammers chop off the material, discharging the hay out of the machine. Consistent and steady processing of all types of bales is what our customers have learned to expect from the Haybuster Balebusters. Whether it’s feeding into bunks, feeding on the ground or bedding down the cattle, this is the processor for you!


Balebuster 2665

The 2665 Shortcut Balebuster has all of the features of the 2660 Balebuster, including right hand discharge, chain and slat conveyor table that continuously rotates the bale while the heavy-duty rotor and hammers process the material. The 2665 Shortcut Balebuster also comes with more hammers, more stripper kits, and more slug bars giving you additional cutting and ultimately a shorter product. More hammers allow for more cutting edge, more slugbars control the flow of material to the rotor along with the stripper kits which hold up the flow allowing more hammer cutting. The Haybuster Balebuster also has increased rotor speed, through the chain case. The chain case reverses the rotor direction for right side discharge and gives you 30% more rotor speed.(