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Bakko Edge Technology

Bakko Edge Technology was designed and developed by Bakko Bros. Inc. using the combination of abrasive resistant steel and sharpened holes via a waterjet cutting process. Bakko`s now have the ability to work and develop material and manufacturing processes for building and sharpening screens.

The result is the next generation of screens and other products for the hay grinding industry using sharpened cutting edge or as we brand it “Bakko Edge Technology”! 

Keep checking back to our website or call for updates as to how we can integrate your hay grinder, regardless of brand, to be the most efficient and productive it can.

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Parts & Service

Contact Corey, Shawn, Brandon & Dusty for all your parts needs

5in twisted 1
6in twisted 1
3in round 1

Bakko Edge 5in Twisted

Bakko Edge 6in Twisted

Bakko Edge 3in Round


Bakko Edge 4x8

Bakko Edge 5x8

Bakko Edge 7x8

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