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Bakko Bros. took over Howard Hay Company in 2020, it is now known as Bakko Transfer. Previous to that it was a great family owned and operated business and the Bakko's will continue business as usual. Bakko Transfer does custom hay grinding, corn grinding, they have a full service shop in Litchfield, NE while still having the ability to haul alfalfa and hay products for customers.

Shred it, Grind it, BUST IT!

Haybuster manufacturs grinders, rock pickers, and shredders. The management, employees, and owner of Haybuster are committed to continuing the excellence of DuraTech Industries (Haybuster) history by constantly developing products to meet new challenges for the industries and customers served.


The JUG Waterer is a livestock waterer made from durable roto-molded plastic. With the JUG, animals can see and smell clean, fresh water. They do not have to learn to lift flaps or push balls and floats out of the way to get a drink. An internal, pilot-operated float valve which is adjustable from the outside of the JUG, automatically keeps the water at the determined level.

Champion Tow Ropes are designed specifically for use as a towing device. They are manufactured from monofilament polypropylene. This unique product withstands contact with fuels, fertilizers and various other chemicals as well as being water resistant. Designed to stretch from 12 to 15 percent, this is enough to absorb the normal shock of pulling and towing, while greatly reducing recoil.


In May 2018 Bakko Industries Inc. purchased the Franklin line of products from Mills Company. Bakko Industries Inc. is excited to add the Franklin line to its family owned and operated business. We will be continuing to supply Franklin Distributers, Dealers and Customers with quality products.

Bakko Industries Inc. has decided to go to the drawing board and create an entirely new automatic poly waterer with the Franklin name on it. We will be working hard to achieve the following goals in designing a new waterer: affordable, high quality, energy efficient, well insulated and durable rotational molded.

ROTO-MIX has built its reputation as the leading manufacturer of livestock mixing and feeding equipment, compost mixing equipment and manure spreaders by continually setting standards for the industry. With an in-house engineering department and continuing input from Mr. Neier, the company’s leading edge developments such as the Staggered Rotor is designed specifically to meet the ever-changing requirements of the cattle feeding industry.